Rishikesh has been a pilgrimage destination of utmost significance. The name of the city is derived from"Hrishikesh". Hrishikesh represents the other name of the Hindus god Lord Vishnu. It remains perched at an altitude of 356 meters above sea level. This town is located on the right bank of the sacred river Ganga. Himalayan regions confine Rishikesh on all three sides. The holy destination features several dharamshalas, meditation centers and yoga places. Mythologically it is believed that Raibhya Rishi did his penance at this site. It is said that during his penance, he had an appearance of god named Rishikesh. Since then till now it is called Rishikesh. After the appearance of the Lord Rishikesh, this area became very significant for pilgrims.

Thousands of followers and devotees reach Rishikesh for the satisfaction of their soul. It is conceived that Adi Shankaracharya visited this site in 9th century AD. This city also became very popular for its divinity from medieval age. "Bharat" also made bad self-punishment in Rishikesh, brother of god Rama. . The ancient legends also state that Lord Rama carry out his penance here. He paid his penance after killing Ravana. Ravan was the king of Lanka.

Fast Facts
Altitude: 356 meter high above sea level
Temperature: maximum 27.7 degree Celsius and minimum is 14.6 degree Celsius
Weather: cold in winter and summer remains average
Clothing: woolen clothes
Languages:Hindi, English and Garhwali are spoken
Best time to visit: March to November is ideal to visit Rishikesh

Geography of Rishikesh
Rishikesh situated in the northern part of India. It looks very attractive in the foothills of Himalayan's ranges. The spiritual town Rishikesh located in the state of Uttarakhand. It stands at a distance of 25 kilometer from Haridwar, and 22 miles away from Dehradun. The optimum level of temperature in Rishikesh is 27.7 degree Celsius as recorded so far. In Rishikesh weather remains well through out the year. The minimum temperature is 14.6 degree Celsius. Winter brings cold weather while summer remains normal. The holy river Ganga flows through Rishikesh town. Pilgrims take a dip in this holy river.

Tourist Places to See in Rishikesh
There are many beautiful sites which attracts people from all over India and the world. Places like Laxman Jhula, Swarga Ashram, Gita Bhawan, Rishikund and Raghunath temple are very popular among tourists. Laxman Jhula is one of the most visted tourist attractions, situated at a distance of 3 km from Rishikesh. You can reach Swarga ashram by taxi, located on the right bank opposite the Shivananda ashram. The Ramayana and Gita's history are written on Gita Bhawan's walls. It is believed that Lord Ram took a bath at this site; hence it became bathing tank for pilgrims.

How to See Rishikesh

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